Review for South Africa (JIMF) recital

Here is an excerpt of Brooks Spector’s marvellous review of the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival, with special attention paid to The Melicus Duo recital:
“Even without attending all of the events, one could be delighted by the variety and first class professionalism on the part of the many different musicians, as well as the striking thoughtfulness of the content of the programs they performed.

For example, soprano Marie Vassiliou, splendidly accompanied by Nico de Villiers on piano, had prepared an unusual recital of art songs in which many were tied together by their settings of words from Shakespeare’s plays…all of these varied composers’ art songs were beautifully performed with great care and were thoroughly fascinating to hear as an evening’s listening…Vassiliou and Nico de Villiers’ recital demonstrated the power of an intimate recital to delight and to educate…”

J.Brooks Spector, The Daily Maverick, 17 Feb 2015

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