Back from South Africa

After a wonderfully invigorating trip to Johannesburg and Pretoria, where I was fortunate enough to meet a number of delightful personalities, including the superb composer, Peter Klatzow (see photo), I am back on British soil. It was straight back into musical delights, with a marvellous masterclass given by Martin Katz at the Guildhall on Friday, then yesterday, I was on the entrance exam panel with Jane Booth for the Historical Performance course. Today, a rehearsal with pianist, Nico de Villiers, ready for our recital in Leeds, this coming Friday.

I am very much looking forward to catching up with my Curriculum Initiative project team on Thurs- we are looking at Clerambault’s Medee, with perspectives from the vocal, instrumental and dramatic point of view. We will be giving a workshop on this at the Reflective Conservatoire Conference in Feb- watch this space.

I have a number of exciting plans and offers, but as usual things need to be confirmed, before I let you all know. Will keep you posted. I am off to practice…have a great day everyone.

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